666's Litecoin Faucet

You can get a fixed amount of free litecoin once per hour. Just like our Daily DOGE faucet, here we do not require you to use a short link to claim coins - instead we give you a short link as an option.
UPDATE although we truly believe that getting free coins should be as simple as possible however due to the large number of bots abusing our faucet we decided to change its form. We sincerely apologize to our honest users and we would like to assure you that we are working on an alternative solution.

Balance: 105.00000000024 satoshi

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600 (25%), 400 (75%) satoshi every 60 minutes.
10 daily claims left.
Claim $0.002 worth in BTC every hour

FAUCET DISABLED. Go to admin page and fill all required data!

Reflink: http://666coins.pl/litecoin/?r=Your_Address

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